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  Member Name Type Quantity Acquired
type BlackBoy0 Black and White Shop Item 10 22-January 13
type BlackBoy0 Sticky Pleasure Wand of Approval Shop Item 85 09-January 13
type BlackBoy0 Benefactor's Bank Bank ʂ79,554,915 24-March 12
type BlackBoy0 Staff Bank Bank ʂ0 16-March 12
type BlackBoy0 Pink as Hell Shop Item 1 15-March 12
type BlackBoy0 Le Signa Tur' Shop Item 3 15-March 12
type BlackBoy0 Avatarizer Shop Item 11 15-March 12
type BlackBoy0 Blue Balls Shop Item 1 15-March 12
type BlackBoy0 Color 277423 Shop Item 5 15-March 12
type BlackBoy0 Sincerely Yours, 2000 Shop Item 4 15-March 12

  • 1,832,747,719 Total SICKles
  • 2,045,395,276 Total Net Worth
  • CD$50000 Transfer Newest Shop Item
  • 32 Shop Item Inventory
  • 426 Online At Once Record

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